Product Examples

  • Signature Luosifen

    Authentic Liuzhou flavor
    Served with side dishes, it is sour and spicy and delicious

  • Beef brisket Luosifen

    Large beef brisket, simmered slowly over low heat
    The taste is soft and tender, and it melts easily in the mouth

  • Tomato Luosifen

    Fresh tomato, slow boiled fresh thick soup
    Pair with Rice noodles
    Rich in sweet and sour taste, full of provocation!

  • Luosifen with fat intestines

    Secret Fat Intestine
    Fat but not greasy, full of chewiness
    With sour and delicious Rice noodles
    Every bite hits your taste buds and nerves

Product Advantages

  • Balanced nutrition with multiple combinations

  • Fresh ingredients

  • Standard Operating Flavor Quantification

  • Double enjoyment with beauty and material

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The brand story of Shandong Defan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.: late one night in the early 1980s, several outsiders arrived in Liuzhou, hungry, and found a Rice noodles stall that was about to close. However, there was no bone soup necessary for Rice noodles, and only a pot of snail soup was left. The stall owner, Grandma Wang, was so worried that she put Rice noodles in the snail soup and cooked it with vegetables, peanuts and other side dishes, Finally, they made some......



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